My design education came from Saint Edward’s University.

Studied: 8.2004-8.2007 ••• B.A. Graphic Design, Minor Art

While in school,
I participated in
these activities—

Command G is a design society where Saint Edward’s design students attend creative workshops, visit local design & illustration studios, host art shows & craft sales, further their education, and enhance their creativity.
The Digital Mac Lab, a computer lab, where all the Design and Photography Students created their projects. While working, my main role was to assist teachers & students with the computer lab's hardware & software.
My Internship at Rural Rooster (a Graphic Design & Screen Printing Studio located in East Austin) started with brochure design and moved to CSS styling Drupal websites and finally designing band websites and executing them into Drupal websites.

I entered the Design world at Callaway Golf Interactive.

Employed: 3.2008-8.2012 ••• Position: Interactive Designer

My roles while
designing for
Callaway Golf—

At Callaway Golf Interactive, I grew into a role of many tasks. My first responsibility was focused on Offsite Marketing Banners that lead to designing Print Materials for Callaway’s eCommerce sites. Email Newsletter design and implemenation came next along with transactional emails. Continuing email newsletters, I worked on creating a better shopping experience, focusing on user testing for guidance. My final projects at Callaway was a complete site redesign for Callaway Preowned and helped the redesign of Odyssey Golf.

I took a break from the design world & discovered myself.

Time: 8.2012-5.2014

What Have I Done
In The Recent
Past & Future?


Contract Design Work
Barista at Cultivar & Origin
Managed Coffee Program
Baked Desserts
Petsit Dogs & Rare Lizards


Create More Illustration Work
Expand My Coding Knowledge
Cook Perfectly Roasted Meats
Continue Baking Desserts
Build Furniture Out Of Wood/Metal


Inspire Friends & Strangers
Contribute to Future Technologies
Explore Earth's Deserts, Woods, & Prairies
Build an Art Filled Community
Conquer the Science of Cooking & Baking

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